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With production drilling being such a fast-paced and dynamic environment, you need to ensure that you have sufficient support to sustain any unforeseen changes to your operations. I can attest that the team at iCutter Industries always strive to meet the requirements and challenges I request, in supplying quality drilling consumables when I need them. In some cases, this has been at very short notice, however, the iCutter Industries team understands the value and importance of eliminating any potential for delay within the drilling operations and responds accordingly.

The iCutter Industries team recognise the importance of understanding the drilling business, and their team certainly has experience in the game. I would have no issue in recommending iCutter Industries for the supply of drilling consumables and operational support, to any production drilling operation. The iCutter Industries team look for outstanding performance in with their range of products and services. Ultimately, that means excellent hole quality, high production rates and low-cost drilling. Their products are top-of-the-line.

– Scott McConnell, Project Manager at Action Drill and Blast

Solution Two

The team at iCutter Industries have a unique enthusiasm for drill and blast. They are extremely passionate about creating value for their clients and are always working towards improving systems and results in a collaborative manner. The team have a strong understanding of operational time pressures and work tirelessly to deliver the best results for their clients. They are always contactable and willing to help and has a strong ability to articulate technical information to operators and managerial staff in a way that displays the value-added or lost by doing things a certain way.

As an example of the value iCutter Industries can add: During my time on site with the iCutter Industries team, they were pivotal in providing technical drilling solutions which resulted in a 20% increase in production rate. In doing so, they also provided technical and operational training for my crews which allowed them to lift their operating performance to be the best in the business. During this time, we also saw a reduction in drill maintenance cost and machine downtime as a result of some of the component changes recommended by the team.

– Andrew Dittmann, Business Development Manager at MEC Mining

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